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Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Sex & Intimacy Coaching is an experiential experience which means that each session is unique to each client and their goals. Sessions may range from talking about our feelings to field trips to a full BDSM Scene. 


Working together you will be given the knowledge, tools, and experiences necessary to find your true sexual self. 

Duration and the total number of sessions necessary in achieving your goals will vary.

Initial sessions will be 60 mins increasing to 90 minutes. Some may last 2-3 hours. Weekend intensive sessions are also available.


Pricing is done by the hour and hours are purchased individually or as part of a package. Weekend intensive sessions have their own pricing. 

Classes (1 - 2 hrs)​

Various classes are offered in person and via Zoom. 


Full-day workshops are offered for those who want a more in-depth learning experience. 


These are unique fully immersive learning events that take place over a entire weekend. Accommodations and meals are included.

Click here to learn of upcoming education opportunities.


Parties & Events

Parties (2 hours)

Learn a new skill with friends! These parties are perfect

for pre-wedding celebrations, birthdays, social groups, and clubs. Click here to learn more.

Event Services.

Have you always wanted to throw a Sexy Party? A Naughty Brunch? A Weekend of Debauchery?

Services available include:

  • Event consulting for those who don't know where to start and need a nudge in the right direction.

  • Event planning for those who have an idea of what they want but are happy to pass the details and logistics onto someone else.

  • Event management is available to those using the event planning service.

Click here to learn more about event services.

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