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Discover Your
Full Pleasure Potential

What is Sex & Intimacy Coaching

What is
Sex & Intimacy Coaching?

A Sex & Intimacy Coach can help you discover your full pleasure potential by helping to develop a strong connection with your body, increase your emotional awareness, and the ability to communicate your sexual needs wants and desires thus effectively creating more connection with yourself and your lover.

Sex and Intimacy Coaching is not psychotherapy/therapy or counseling.

  • Become more embodied and aware of your desires and feelings

  • Learn what REALLY turns you on

  • Rediscover and reclaim your erotic self 

  • Increase your skills around how to give and receive pleasure

  • Explore your most intimate fantasies and desires

  • Discover and explore your inner kinky self

  • De-Shaming 

of working with a
Sex & Intimacy Coach

Who can work with a Sex & Intimacy Coach?

Any human (18+) can work with a Sex & Intimacy Coach.  Individuals, couples, polycules, newlyweds, newly divorced, Gay, Straight, Queer, Cis-gender, Transgender, Non-binary.....ANYONE can benefit from working with a Sex & Intimacy Coach.

Everyone deserves to experience the kind of pleasure they desire.

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